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Command Ops 2 - Free Scenario Available for Download - Korsun

Semi-historical scenario (It is semi-historical because it puts more emphasis on this sector of the Soviet offensive, than was historically given.  Troop placements are historical).

2 Days 8 hours and 1 minute

1400 Hrs Jan 22 1944
XI Corps General Bulletin:

Aerial reconaissance has revealed forward elements of the Soviet 52nd Army are moving into offensive positions in the forests north and northwest of Smela.

Soviet probes are expected from Bereznik to Smela to Raygorod over the next 48 hours.  Major rver crossings must be secured in anticipation of a likely Soviet advance.  Foward elements of the 57th Inf Div are ordered to occupy the city center of Smela and hold the main train station.

Soviet offensive elements are also moving into position opposite 389th Inf Div front to the south.  Road traffic observed by aerial reconaissance indicates a massive attack within this sector is imminent.  Soviet sappers have been observed sweeping the roads ahead of buildup for our mines.  Likely …

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