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Stalingrad 42 - Operation Uranus and game design

I want to play Operation Uranus from the German perspective.  I have three options on my laptop (isn't technology great):  War in the East, Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue and John Tiller Software's Stalingrad 42.

Tonight, I want to get really granular, so I choose the JTS title.
Each game turn represents two hours of historical time.  This scenario has 306 turns (25+ days of battle)!
Turn 1:  Stavka catches the Sixth Army and supporting forces by surprise (not really) and begins a steady bombardment along the front from west to east and around Stalingrad. followed by a mass advance of infantry and tanks in every direction. 
At the 35 minute mark of the AI processing the Russian player of turn, I switch to "Fast AI" processing, the Russian turn lasts an additional 11 minutes.

Somewhere around the 46 minute mark, the first Soviet turn stops processing and finishes (I clearly should have chosen Fast AI processing sooner).  
Russian casualties for two hours of combat are…

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