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Command Ops 2 - Blumentritt's Big Knock Part I

I am going to kick-off a multi-part series of blogs over the next few weeks about three of my favorite games:  Command Ops, Panzer Battles and Peninsular War.

The next few blogs I post will be about Command Ops and specifically the game I bought awhile ago via Steam, but never played "Knock on All Doors."  
Below is Part I of my AAR.

The "Knock on all doors" module for Command Ops 2 simulates in it's own words:

There are four sets of three scenarios. The first is the historical O-Tag or Day 1 set that commence on 16 December. The second or “Decision” set allows the player the opportunity to explore the famous “what ifs” faced by the German commanders on the second day of the battle 17 December. The third or “Knock” set works on the basis of employing the original staff plan, developed by General Manteuffel that embodied the concept of “knock on all doors and pour through the ones that open”. The fourth “Big Knock” series takes this concept a little further and …

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