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"The Final Struggle" Demo - D'Erlon's Attack

I am playing the 12 turn scenario called "D'Erlon Attacks" in the Napoleonic battles demo called "The Final Struggle."  The scenario was designed by Rich Hamilton and details the fighting for the ridge beyond La-Haye Sainte and Papelotte.  I am playing solo as the French.

The scenario description follows:

Small scenario depicting the attack of the French I Corps on the Allied defensive positions along the ridge between La Haie Sainte and Papelotte. This version starts at 1:00 pm, the first phase of the attack. The Grand Battery was shelling during this time and the infantry was just beginning to move up. This scenario has no fixed units. Also visability is set to 6 hexes for the entire match to simulate the dense smoke created by the firing of the Grand Battery and the Allied response.

My game so far:

1PM -- Heavy smoke has limited visibility on the field.  The 4e Division with GDiv Durutte leading, moves forward towards Chateau Papelotte.  Almost 400 skirmisher…

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