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Summer Gaming Update

Rowland Hill's 1st Brigade deployed into line when they saw Thomieres Infantry fan out from the village.They marched in three ranks across a wheat field.  Ahead two batteries of French guns unlimbered beside a small cemetery, the tall conical shaped barn of a granary in the background. Hill's brigade needed to close quickly if they were going to push the French out of the village.  Behind the village two brigades of French infantry were speeding along the dusty road from Rolica to reinforce Thomieres.   After two hours of exchanging volleys, over 1,000 dead lay on the field.  With Hill's 9th Foot taking 400 casualties and Thomieres' II Bn 86th Line Infantry taking 400 as well.  To game this out, I am using my new firepower tables for F&F and this is producing a comparatively streamlined combat (over previous iterations).  The battle ebbs and flows as units disorder and/or fallback.  Over time (game turns) they accumulate step losses but the battle resembles more o…

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